The Isaac Sisters - Singing Group
The Feeling
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Asia:  Hi I love to sing, write songs, dance, play the piano & learning how to play  the guitar. Enjoy creating my style of clothing
School activity includes: theater arts, basketball
volleyball, track & field, soccer and art class
Goals-to become a Singer-Songwriter, Actress, Model & Fashion Designer
Aliyah:Hi I love to sing, write songs, dance, sketch, play violin & like learning to play my guitar. 
School activity includes: soccer, basketball, track & field, volleyball and theater
2015-2016 Student President
Goals- to become a Singer,Actress and a Movie Director
 Shakira: Hi I love to sing, dance and write songs
 I enjoy basketball, volleyball, dance class & swimming
School activity includes: theater & choir
2013 Reading Achievement Battle of the Bluebonnets
Goals- to become a Singer, Actress, Model, School Teacher & Hair Styles